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Published October 5, 2016 by Marvel Comics. Written by Cullen Bunn and drawn by Salva Espin.

Before Peter Parker bonded with the symbiote alien during Secret Wars the symbiote was briefly joined with Wade Wilson. How was this missed? While being hunted down the symbiote finds Deadpool in a typical 80’s comic jam. His eyes gouged out and being strangled by his A.I. partner, Machine Man.  And if that wasn’t enough he was trying to avoid looking at the dance of Dansen Macabre. However, to his luck the symbiote alien senses he’s in trouble and quickly joins with the Merc with a Mouth at which point he’s able to overpower Machine Man and waste the monks of the Cult of Kali. But here’s another big reveal. Deadpool was at Secret Wars in that epic battle against the Beyonder! He must’ve been overlooked and pushed to the side by Jim Shooter. During a flashback he remembers his first encounter with the symbiote but it left him for Parker instead. Now flash forward the symbiote is back with Wilson and strangely gives him web-slinging abilities that rival Larsen or McFarlane-like poses.

I had to jump on this series. I love a good comic parody. I think it’s healthy to poke fun at the serious, high drama stories everyone once and awhile. I’m still working some for my own comic creation. But this is great fun to relive comics in the eighties. And I remember 1980. Two Easter eggs that stick out are the editor’s side notes scattered through the book and the MS-DOS reference. Some of the lingo in the beginning narrative by Deadpool ring of eighties but white high-tops, jeans and a mullet would’ve really nailed it*!  I’m hoping for some breakdancing in the remainder issues…

*Metal-heads fashion trends from the eighties -Joltn’ Jer…

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