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DEADPOOL Back in Black #5

Deadpool Back in Black #5

Published December 14, 2016 by Marvel Comics. Written by Cullen Bunn and drawn by Salvador Espin.

Issue #5 of Deadpool Back in Black is the exciting conclusion of the untold story of the Merc with the Mouth and Spider-man’s symbiote suit all taking place in the spectacularly excessive eighties!*

As the story begins we find Killer Thrill has her man, Spider-man that is and after a valiant fight by our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man she begins to use him to draw the Klyntar to her.

Has she bargained for more than she’s ready for? As the symbiote reacts to the anguish she puts Petey through it eventually finds her but her assistant, Guzz, delivers a sonic blast that separates Wade from the Klyntar and allow DP time to clear his head to deliver a KO to Guzz and rejoin the symbiote. Once reunited the symbiote sets its sights and tongue on Killer Thrill. And taking a piece of the bounty hunter with it.

After a devastating blow Killer Thrill calls off her quest to capture the Klyntar yet again but not before delivering a parting shot to Deadpool and the symbiote.

Now the symbiote sets its sights on the wounded Spidey and its desire for revenge. However, Deadpool can’t let that happen and forces the symbiote to separate from him once again. Free from the symbiote Deadpool is able to save webhead from the vengeful alien.

All bounty hunters have an employer and finally we learn who has hired Killer Thrill but they aren’t too happy about the failure of the mission. Killer Thrill however attempts to appease the situation by a Guzz offering.

Back on Earth we finally see the prior events of Eddie Brock’s fateful meeting with the symbiote and the birth of Venom…

This Deadpool blast from the past has been pretty fun. The artwork is great and all the eighties, Spider-man – symbiote spoofing has been a real joyride. Killer Thrill’s hijinks have been very entertaining and her love-hate relationship for Spider-Man really pulls at the heartstrings.   

*For those readers born during or after the eighties it was time of high adrenaline living to excess. – Joltn’ Jer  

DOCTOR STRANGE #15 – Blood in the Aether Pt. 4

Doctor Strange #15 – Blood in the Aether Pt. 4

Published December 21, 2016 by Marvel Comics. Written by Jason Aaron and illustrated by Chris Bachalo.

To get things going the good doctor is the passenger in a taxi driven by the Orb. And the car ride takes the two to a secluded spot where the two happen upon a group of disgruntled investors that are preparing to make the con man, Reggie, pay for his misdeeds. But the arrival of the cab spooks the group and Reggie would appear saved if it wasn’t for the Orb who collects on Reggie’s bad debts.

Wong and Zelma take to the skies of New York looking for Stephen while Stephen and the Orb hit the town and duke it out as the doctor tries to escape the bizarre cab ride only to be strapped to the hood of the ride.

Across town at a bar Mordo is feeling the anger of Dormammu as he has yet to locate Doctor Strange and to gain more power he is engaged in a bloodletting of the bar patrons while Dormammu possesses the entertainment.

And in wrapping this issue and still wrapped on Orb’s cab, Stephen is top on everyone’s kill list. For some unknown reason Orb has driven Strange to the alley where Mr. Misery now resides and Mordo arrives to be the one to destroy Doctor Strange but Orb is having none of it and blasts Mordo. In the sky Zelma and Wong make an attempt to attack the group of Strange’s foes but all Hell breaks loose as Dormammu arrives in classic Doctor Strange fashion to let everyone know he is going to punch Strange’s ticket.

I think if you’re a fan of the Doctor Strange from the golden age you’re going to like this issue’s ending. It’s a classic retro-style appearance of Dormammu in full splash page and pose. I personally really like the whole bizarre twist this series has taken, Mr. Misery is a great character with many interesting characteristics and the ending with a throwback style entry of Dormammu is great.

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DETECTIVE COMICS #945 – The Victim Syndicate Pt. 3

Detective Comics #945 – The Victim Syndicate Pt. 3

Published November 23, 2016 by DC Comics. Written by James Tynion IV and illustrated by Various artists

Beginning in the third part to “The Victim Sydicate”, Harper has notified Batman of the visit by Victim One with Stephanie. Yet Spoiler is not too cooperative with the Dark Knight and seems to be siding with the Sydicate’s view of Batman. This leads Batman to allow Dr. Thompkins to evaluate the group while he and Alfred try to piece the past together that will lead to the identity of the leader of the Victim Sydicate.

Back at the Belfry Batwing and Spoiler argue about Batman’s true intentions and Batwing provides the group with some tech to possibly prevent the powers of the Victim Syndicate affecting them.

Clayface recounts his encounter with Mudface before she was transformed which brings feelings of guilt and remorse to the misunderstood Clayface.

Batwing and Batwoman come to blows about Batwing’s own experience and dedication to a team effort. While at the Thompkins Free Clinic Jean-Paul and Harper discuss the distraught Spoiler when an announced visitor arrives. But Jean-Paul is ready to take up the sword and fend off the visitors.

More confrontation erupts between Spoiler and Batman while she’s being interviewed by Dr. Thompkins and afterwards a shocking return.

One thing I like about this issue is the cover seems to be a retro style cover with dialog related to the story in an attempt to sell it like they used to when comics were primarily sold on newsstands. The story is staying interesting with plenty of depth in characters. There’s still plenty of mystery and suspense as Batman is still trying to figure out the identity of the group leader and the ending has some great shock value to lead into the next issue.



Deadpool Back in Black #4

Published December 7, 2016 by Marvel Comics. Written by Cullen Bunn and drawn by Salvador Espin.

Who likes a hearty helping of berries and nuts? Wade keeps masquerading around New York as the black suited Spiderman and yet again attracts another of the webslinger’s foes. A violent and repulsive encounter with Kraven the Hunter starts the action off in this issue but the Klyntar saves the Merc and his foul mouth yet again. More fighting and some poison darts get the better of the two and begin a strange hallucinogenic trip through a mix of Wilson’s memories and the symbiote’s when it was with Spiderman.

Trippin’ on whatever Kraven puts in those darts Deadpool finds himself in the lion’s den at the zoo. And he isn’t greeted too warmly by his feline hosts. Ironically it’s the hunter who saves their hide this time. But the symbiote begins to show a darker and more twisted side of itself and fends off Kraven.
While sleeping off the last of the drugs in the poison darts and collecting bird droppings all over himself and his friendly suit the merc is once again being hunted by Killer Thrill but someone else has caught the assassin’s attention. And it all concludes in the next exciting issue!

Kraven the Hunter has always been a prideful character and while these Deadpool issues are a great parody of some of Marvel’s best villain the fun doesn’t stop just because the hunter shows up. The best part is probably the lion wrestling Kraven does and the fact that he gets the idea to change his M.O. to hunt Spiderman from the torqued alien suit that Spiderman bailed on is pretty comical. But the cliffhanger in this issue is great too as the final issue should be a McFarlanesque epic meeting and Parker must be a magnet for *redheads? We’ll see how this all plays out next issue.

*Mary Jane Watson is probably every 12 year old boy’s first choice for an ice cream social… – Joltn’ Jer


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DETECTIVE COMICS #944 – The Victim Syndicate Pt. 2

Detective Comics #944 – The Victim Syndicate Pt. 2


Published November 9, 2016 by DC Comics. Written by James Tynion IV and illustrated by Eddy Barrows.

Harper’s curiosity gets the better of her while scoping out Luke Fox’s car and triggers his anti-theft drones. But the Victim Syndicate crashes the party and Batwoman needs everyone’s help on this one.

Batwing joins the action and Renee attempts to subdue the leader of the Victim Syndicate only to find bullets have no effect. But the leader only wants Batman. Once the fight starts Batman finds his punches have no effect on the tech the leader of the Victim Syndicate is using.

The Victim Syndicate’s leader begins to reveal the group’s connection to Batman as Spoiler falls victim to poison and Batman is rendered speechless. As the leader offers an ultimatum but Batwing disables the leader’s tech that was preventing Batman’s punches from making contact and he is able to land a solid blow to the leader’s jaw. The fighting resumes but comes to a stalemate as the Victim Syndicate retreat.

Later at the Belfry Batman, Batwing and Batwoman review the casefiles on the Victim Syndicate. Batman finally remembers each member and their story. And while recovering from her poisoning Stephanie is visited by the Victim Syndicate’s leader to end the issue.

This new villain group has me intrigued. So far it’s just a band of misfits who seem to think Batman is bad and they are good. However, each “victim” has a menacing power that often seems similar to other villains in the DCU. But that’s explained. I’m looking forward to how all this plays out.


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DOCTOR STRANGE #14 – Blood in the Aether Pt. 3

Doctor Strange #14 – Blood in the Aether Pt. 3


Published November 16, 2016 by Marvel Comics. Written by Jason Aaron and illustrated by Chris Bachalo.

If you enjoy bacon and have a weak stomach then this is not the issue for you. While Strange is held captive by Satana in Hell’s Dinner all he wants is some bacon. And bacon in Hell is hard to come by these days so everyone must share.

In tough competition to be best Hell Satana offers Stephen an opportunity to be the superhero of her Hell. And to make sure he complies she force feeds him some hell-shish bacon meant to kill him and enslave his soul.

While Satana prepares for his first show the doctor astral project into his own body to not only save his skin but his soul too. After ejecting the wicked bacon and feeling much relieved he decides to take a taxi but with an unusual driver at the wheel. The next issue should be lit.

The enduring quality of Doctor Strange is the odyssey which the story moves on. It isn’t a dry tangible telling of the mystic arts that’s for sure. And this latest issue delivers on the strange and mystical of the Doctor Strange lore. Where is it all going? With every issue the story takes a twist and turn through the varied world of the Sorcerer Supreme. And that’s entertainment.


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Deadpool Back in Black #3


Published November 9, 2016 by Marvel Comics. Written by Cullen Bunn and drawn by Salvador Espin.

Our hero with great fashion sense finds himself in some eighties style girl trouble in Deadpool Back in Black #3. The Merc with a Mouth first finds himself mistaken for Parker by Black Cat who just wants to purr up and rekindle their magic but then out of nowhere pops up the most heinous villain of them all. A wicked bunny-girl complete with eighties retro-goons and yes, bunnies! Maybe she should be in the Bat-universe? But if Bunny Woman with killer rabbits wasn’t enough headache there’s still Killer Thrill who just loves his new suit to death. Literally. But Wade manages somehow to survive all the mayhem of this issue but unfortunately for Bunny Woman her bunnies won’t be around for Easter. And Wade can’t take advantage of Black Cat just getting it all wrong.  

This issue will probably be my favorite out of all five. Bunny Woman is too much! The whole Monty Python Search of the Holy Grail killer bunny theme was great. But there was no running away except by Bunny Girl. And the real money shot was Killer Thrill taking the bunnies out. However, if there’s a moral to this story it’s probably don’t underestimate a ginger with disease ridden rabbits…











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DETECTIVE COMICS #943 – The Victim Syndicate Pt. 1

Detective Comics #943 – The Victim Syndicate Pt. 1

Published October 26, 2016 by DC Comics. Written by James Tynion IV and illustrated by Alvaro Martinez.

Gotham has a new menace that wants to see Batman gone. It all starts with an attack at Wayne Enterprise front office. Lucius Fox is the recipient of this new terror’s message to Batman. People killed in a strange way that appears as though they were poisoned in a multitude of ways. And then they leave a calling card on the front of Wayne Enterprise.

Spoiler is still going through the motions of losing Tim. She seeks solitude at the Thompkins Free Clinic and tries to make sense of her duty as a superhero with Harper. While Clayface and Orphan train hard both physically and mentally.

But Bruce and Kate attend a social function at the Gotham Public Museum and continue to analyze the changes Bruce has gone through in relation to his group after the loss of Tim. But the tech at the Belfry is beyond any of them and so to help understand and use it in Tim’s absence Bruce recruits someone whom Kate is not too happy about calling on.

And if the stress of the event wasn’t enough the Victim Syndicate appear to introduce themselves to the party goers.

The Victim Syndicate is beginning to be an interesting story arc. There are many questions about this new villainous group to get you hooked on the story and as Batman and Spoiler continue to deal with the supposed death of Red Robin that story element is intriguing as well. I do like this Batman group though. I think it’s working well rather than having just one sidekick Batman now has a team. The angle Clayface is taking so far is interesting and the ongoing threat of the Colony is enough to keep you reading.


Tuesday, November 22, 2016

BLACK PANTHER #8 – A Nation Under Our Feet Pt. 8

Black Panther #8 – A Nation Under Our Feet Pt. 8

Published November 16, 2016 by Marvel Comics. Written by Ta-Nehisi Coates and drawn by Chris Sprouse/ Karl Story.

After the exciting daring rescue of T’Challa from Stane Cage and the group bid T’Calla fair well as he gives a brief explanation as to why he summoned them there in the first place. However, later he and manifold prepare to embark on another most important journey to bring back Shuri to the living.

Meanwhile Shuri continues on her quest for enlightenment with the Griot that has taken the form of Ramonda and T’Challa along with Manifold make the leap to the Djalia. T’Challa still wrestles with the guilt of leaving Shuri to defend Wakanda herself and certain doom. But the living death she is trapped in is not what it appears as the Panther can’t get a sense on his sister and he feels as though she’s really not there at all.

In the Djalia Shuri stumbles upon the ruins of the Bako, a fifth dynasty of Wakanda and recounts the tale of Sologon. And tells how spirit of iron makes skin of stone. As Shuri nears the end of the story T’Challa and Manifold arrive to bring her back.

And with their return Shuri is free from the living death.

In this issue Shuri returns and the big question will be what role does she play in Wakanda now? The build-up seems over and it would appear we’ll get to see how she can resolve the hostilities in Wakanda and put down the People’s revolution led by Tetu and Zenzi. It’ll be interesting to see what impact this has on the Midnight Angels too. Maybe she can recruit them to help against Tetu and the People.


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DETECTIVE COMICS #942 – Night of the Monster Men Pt. 6

Detective Comics #942 – Night of the Monster Men Pt. 6


Published October 12, 2016 by DC Comics. Written by Steve Orlando and illustrated by Andy Macdonald.

The exciting conclusion of “Night of the Monster Men” is here in Detective Comics #942. Batwoman, Nightwing, Spoiler and Orphan begin their attack on the giant monster at Sister Arcippe Cathedral while Batman pursues Hugo Strange to Anders Tower in lower Gotham.

After luring the monster to an attack point between four Gotham towers armed with heavy ammunition, the Arcippe Cathedral group begins their attack on one ugly and menacing monster.

Batman finally arrives to confront Strange at Anders Tower and learns of his plan to somehow replace Batman in Gotham with himself. Strange has donned a Batman suit that is rigged to kill him if Batman touches him.

The group continues their assault on the rampaging monster through Gotham while looking for a weakness. But Dick springs into action with a plan after thinking of all the elements Strange put into the monster. And back at Anders Towers Strange begins to needle Bruce about all his fallen partners which nearly brings Batman to exact his rage on Strange but falls short of killing the doctor.

But Clayface has arrived at Anders Towers and begins to encase the top floor with himself cutting off the oxygen inside which renders Strange nearly unconscious and Nightwing’s plan to ingest into the monster causes the monster to vomit which it releases the child within the monster and defeating it.

So this was the finale to Night of the Monster Men which strangely (no pun intended) did end in an interesting way. Again as with issue #941, this story does make you curious about the rest of the chapters. Especially how all the different villains mentioned and shown factor into the bigger story.

I do like this new group Batman has too. It seems instead of a “Robin” he now is working with a team which adds to the dynamics of the stories so far. I hope DC continues for a long time with this arrangement at least in Detective Comics.


DOCTOR STRANGE #13 – Blood in the Aether Pt. 2

Doctor Strange #13 – Blood in the Aether Pt. 2


Published October 19, 2016 by Marvel Comics. Written by Jason Aaron and illustrated by Chris Bachalo.

Everyone dreams. Some dreams are pleasant others are just our worst nightmares. Dr. Strange was once a brilliant surgeon but he lost that in a horrible car accident. He lost the lifestyle he had too. When he dreams he dreams of life before the accident. But the dream is more of a nightmare taunting, teasing him with what he once was. Showing him the life that used to be only to turn to a horrible nightmare by Nightmare.

After fighting Strange and Strange suddenly disappearing Mordo now has to answer to Dormammu for his failure and Dormammu has a unique way of communicating his dis-satisfaction with Mordo. But the dream like nightmare continues for Stephen until Nightmare fully shows himself. The Sorcerer Supreme is ultimately able to write a new spell and use everyone dreaming on the planet against Nightmare and Strange’s own nightmare of clowns, snakes and other oddities. Till finally another player summons Strange for her own ends.

The latest Doctor Strange is definitely going in a weird and chaotic direction as he begins to build his magic back up. The plot being played out with Mordo, Dormammu and now Satana is going in an intriguing direction. I’m really hooked though on the visual odyssey. Bachalo’s art is great and the world of Stephen Strange has always fascinated me. This series has definitely not disappointed me in the least. For the last year or so it’s only solidified my appeal for the character and the movie is definitely going to be icing on the cake to an already great character.  




DETECTIVE COMICS #941 – Night of the Monster Men Pt. 3

Detective Comics #941 – Night of the Monster Men Pt. 3

Published September 28, 2016 by DC Comics. Written by Steve Orlando and illustrated by Andy Macdonald.

Thrust right into the action Batwoman and Batman are confronting a giant three-headed monster tearing up the Burnley District of Gotham. While Spoiler and Orphan try to tame an unruly group of evacuees and Alfred is analyzing the monster’s make-up in the Batcave. Clayface is formed into a police officer helping with getting people to a safer place. And a new hero, Gotham Girl, is recovering from Psycho Pirate’s fear attack while she tries to help too. The evacuees erupt in violence as one pushes a kid and it becomes too much for Spoiler and Orphan to handle.

Nightwing and Gotham Girl arrive at Blackgate Penitentiary to fight more monsters that seem to be plaguing all of Gotham. Back at the Burnley District Batman and Batwoman battle the monster but it seems to get stronger with each attack.

A strange sludge on the evacuees seems to be fueling their violence while Spoiler and Orphan contain them in a cave with an expanding net.

After finally battling through monsters of their own at Blackgate Nightwing and Gotham Girl confront the monster queen creating all the other monsters. However, after they make contact with its sludge they too are transformed into monsters.

This issue was a crossover into a bigger story taking place all over Gotham. The art was exciting and fun to look at and while the reader is plunged into the middle of the overall story it was still easy to pick up on the basic premise and follow the action, which there was plenty of. The writing was done in a very crafty way so as to entice the reader to seek out the other comics to get the full story. Eventually I may get the whole “Night of the Monster Men” story arc.

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BLACK PANTHER #7 – A Nation Under Our Feet Pt. 7

Black Panther #7 – A Nation Under Our Feet Pt. 7

Published October 19, 2016 by Marvel Comics. Written by Ta-Nehisi Coates and drawn by Chris Sprouse/ Karl Story.

The arrival of the Crew sets off the rescue of T’Challa from Stane and the king is even to still help with his hands bound behind his back. Changamire begins to see the revolution of Tetu and Zenzi no different than that which they say they oppose. While T’Challa and the Crew out win the battle against Stane and the Fenris Twins.

Meanwhile in the Djalia Shuri recounts the story of Oronde and the fast cheetah that demanded him to race. While the cheetah defeated Oronde in their first race it was Oronde that eventually overcome the cheetah by declaring himself master over the cheetah. And so Shuri too gathers strength by empowerment in a new name.

Changamire returns to Tetu and Zenzi one last time seeking to resolve the path they have set themselves down. But when he refuses to see the revolution for its evil and not the glory of Wakanda’s ancestors Zenzi attacks him but Tetu has her release him and the two begin a possible plot to rid Wakanda of the royal family.

In this next chapter of “A Nation Under Our Feet” the Crew arrive to rescue T’Challa from his captor and another threat to the throne of Wakanda. With the arrival of the Crew to Wakanda a battle is beginning to shape up that may leave Wakanda in ruins. Tetu and Zenzi seem to be on a win at all costs rampage that implies the throne must fall even if it means destroying Wakanda. The latest episode of Shuri through the Djalia has her possibly preparing too for a confrontation with a foe that she must rule to conquer. Maybe the analogy of the story of Oronde is somehow tied to the anger and rage that has been fueled by Tetu and his revolution.

The story is starting to take off and seems to be headed into a direction that may reveal itself soon. The question remains for me though will this story resolve in one quick swoop or will it be drawn out over several issues? This issue also featured another hip-hop variant cover. I really liked this one even though I’m not too familiar with the hip-hop artist its paying homage to. This cover is inspired by King Mez and his album “Long Live the King”.

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DETECTIVE COMICS #940 – Rise Of The Batmen Pt. 7

Detective Comics #940 – Rise Of The Batmen Pt. 7




Published September 14, 2016 by DC Comics. Written by James Tynion IV and illustrated by Eddy Barrows/Eber Ferreira.

The last chapter of Rise of the Batmen and Red Robin has taken control of the Bat-drones and has targeted them on himself in an effort to save Gotham. As Red Robin plays his suicide gambit Kate confronts her father about his recent actions and things get physical for the colonel and his daughter. Batman makes one final attempt to save Tim but he arrives too late as Red Robin is brutally gunned down by the Bat-drones.
Later as Spoiler and Batman are still grieving the loss of Tim Stephanie shares Tim’s acceptance letter into Ivy University and Batman is overcome possibly with guilt and maybe thinking he was holding Tim back from what he really wanted.
But did Tim really parish in the drone attack? Mr. Oz removes Tim from “the field” because he is reconnecting threads that could not be reconnected.
The wrap up to Rise of the Batmen was pretty decent. Kate and her father seem to go nowhere in resolving their differences and it seems it’s only getting worse. The ending opens a lot of questions as to why Tim was “removed” and exactly what he was reconnecting. Could it be something to do with Spoiler and her father? Or maybe Bruce? We will have to wait to see how the plays out.



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Deadpool Back in Black #2


Published October 19, 2016 by Marvel Comics. Written by Cullen Bunn and drawn by Salva Espin.

Wade is still out test driving the symbiote suite abandoned by Peter Parker in the mid-eighties. In the next installment of Back in Black our web-slinging merc is being tailed by a curious cat as he crashes a kids party being entertained by a less than amusing clown who might’ve been employed by Marvel at one time before answering his true life calling of party clown! But wait this is about Deadpool and his new duds. Meanwhile at the party Power Pack are being disgusted by the Obnoxio the clown and his inability to make balloon animals. While the party is dying though a ship full of Snarks arrive to liven the atmosphere up and attempt some intergalactic kidnapping. Luckily the clown is able to slow them down enough for Deadpool and his closest friend to spring into action. But the rescue is short lived as a snark with seventies style armor is brought in and once again the clown comes through. While Deadpool and his new Klyntar pal make a meal out of the Snark kidnappers.  

Onto Back in Black #2. Ok I’m trying to get the title “Back in Black”. This is the first time Deadpool joined with the suit so maybe a better title would’ve been Dead in Black? Obnoxio was a fun part of the story and seeing the Power Pack kids in action was great even if Deadpool kept getting their name wrong. At the end the set up for the next featured character is going to be Blackcat so we’ll see if the suit makes the merc or the merc makes the suit in the next issue…

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DOCTOR STRANGE #12 - Blood in the Aether Pt. 1

Doctor Strange #12 – Blood in the Aether Part 1

Published October 5, 2016 by Marvel Comics. Written by Jason Aaron and illustrated by Chris Bachalo.

His name is Strange. Doctor Stephen Strange. And his misery is named Misery. Mister Misery. The pain Stephen Strange kept in the cellar has given it’s self a name and it calls itself Mister Misery. Opening the new story arc we find the pain Stephen and Wong bound up terrorizing a hospital ward thirsty for more pain. Luckily, Strange arrives in time to gum up Mister Misery’s wreak of havoc on the hospital but trying to hail a cab with a glowing sword can be challenging.

Later he learns of Mordo’s return and some how Mordo is able to still use magic. Mordo is now a servant of the Dormammu of the Dark Dimension and the source of Mordo’s magic. When Stephen and Mordo finally meet it’s an apple in the eye that the doctor uses to escape the stronger magic of Mordo. But where Strange ends up is at the whim of Nightmare.

A new story arc begins in Doctor Strange #12 and Chris Bachalo returns to bring the pictures. The Doctor Strange series is definitely keeping my attention. The writing has a tinge of humor and satire at times that make it interesting and the way the magically world of Doctor Strange is presented is intriguing. Bachalo’s Dormammu and Nightmare are ace. Mister Misery is going to make a great side story to come I’m sure. I like the character and the way it seems to help and also hinder Stephen at times is truly entertaining. One of the aspects of Mister Misery is the dialog he engages in with Strange. It’s dark and eerie at times. It’s unsettling and keeps you off your center while you try to digest his meaning. It’s great.



Published October 5, 2016 by Marvel Comics. Written by Cullen Bunn and drawn by Salva Espin.

Before Peter Parker bonded with the symbiote alien during Secret Wars the symbiote was briefly joined with Wade Wilson. How was this missed? While being hunted down the symbiote finds Deadpool in a typical 80’s comic jam. His eyes gouged out and being strangled by his A.I. partner, Machine Man.  And if that wasn’t enough he was trying to avoid looking at the dance of Dansen Macabre. However, to his luck the symbiote alien senses he’s in trouble and quickly joins with the Merc with a Mouth at which point he’s able to overpower Machine Man and waste the monks of the Cult of Kali. But here’s another big reveal. Deadpool was at Secret Wars in that epic battle against the Beyonder! He must’ve been overlooked and pushed to the side by Jim Shooter. During a flashback he remembers his first encounter with the symbiote but it left him for Parker instead. Now flash forward the symbiote is back with Wilson and strangely gives him web-slinging abilities that rival Larsen or McFarlane-like poses.

I had to jump on this series. I love a good comic parody. I think it’s healthy to poke fun at the serious, high drama stories everyone once and awhile. I’m still working some for my own comic creation. But this is great fun to relive comics in the eighties. And I remember 1980. Two Easter eggs that stick out are the editor’s side notes scattered through the book and the MS-DOS reference. Some of the lingo in the beginning narrative by Deadpool ring of eighties but white high-tops, jeans and a mullet would’ve really nailed it*!  I’m hoping for some breakdancing in the remainder issues…

*Metal-heads fashion trends from the eighties -Joltn’ Jer…

Friday, September 30, 2016


Doctor Strange Annual #1 – “To Get Her. Forever” & “Strange Tales: Yao, The Not-Quite-Ancient One”














Published September 28, 2016 by Marvel Comics. To Get Her. Forever written by Kathryn Immonen and illustrated by Leonardo Romero. Strange Tales: Yao, The Not-Quite-Ancient One written by Robbie Thompson and illustrated by Jonathan Marks Barravecchia.

 With magic and Stephen still on the mend, Strange is visited by Clea. Clea returns to Stephen’s life to bring closure to their past relationship. However, Stephen questions Clea’s commitment to magic and her whereabouts during the battle with the Imperator and the Empirikul. But little does Strange know that Clea had to deal with the Empirikul as well.

The reunion is interrupted as a floor repair takes a magical turn for the worse and both must battle a demonized repairman whom Wong caught stealing to settle the repair bill. Zelma calls Strange out for objectifying Clea and maybe eluding that was a problem with their relationship.

In the second story to this first annual is the tale of the Ancient One as a young magician. After being shown the ways of magic by his mentor, Kaluu, Yao attempt to steal a map that will lead him to greater magic. But after he is caught he faces certain doom and is rescued. His rescuer is a formidable magic user in his own right.

Two great stories make up the first Doctor Strange Annual. The first brings Clea into the picture so it’ll be interesting to see where this goes. Zelma may be the one to mend their relationship woes. And the second story featuring the young Ancient One is interesting too. I really enjoyed the art for it and the big reveal at the end almost has me curious enough to pick up Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme #1.  

Sunday, September 18, 2016

BLACK PANTHER #6 - A Nation Under Our Feet Pt. 6

Black Panther #6 September 2016


 Published September 14, 2016 by Marvel Comics. Written by Ta-Nehisi Coates and drawn by Chris Sprouse.

The drama continues in Wakanda after Ramonda is injured by a suicide bomber’s attack and Shuri continues her quest through Djalia with the Griot imagined as Ramonda. T’Challa captures several of Tetu’s rebels that have bio bombs implanted in their chests and strikes a deal with one. Ezekiel Stane and Tetu release a video made of a meeting between T’Challa and a counter-terrorism council in which they recommended a most cruel way to deal with the uprisings plaguing Wakanda.

T’Challa and Hodari differ on their own interpretation of the meaning of Changamire’s message. While Akili feels T’Challa’s views are sympathetic to the anarchy of the rebel’s aims. But T’Challa reassures him he still has a few cards to play and orders an attack on the Jabari-lands.

During the attack the Dora Milaje seem to have the upper hand till the magic of Zenzi causes them to break down and be easily captured. While T’Challa and Tony Stark discuss the origins of the bio-bombs and the arrogance behind the bomb maker’s purpose.

Shuri’s travels through the Djalia bring her to the story of the slave girl bride and learns that a woman can never be made fully into a slave. The Griot then leaves Shuri in the Djalia to ponder this lesson.

In another attack on the Base of the People T’Challa is captured and bound in chains by Stane. Afterwards Stane contacts Hodari and Akili to let them know he has the Black Panther and that the Fenris Twins are involved as well. But Hodari has a plan to show Wakandans who is really behind the revolution and they call in some help to assist with the saving Wakanda.

In part six of “A Nation Under Our Feet” the big reveal has to be the Stane connection to the revolution. But will showing the video of Stane to the Wakandans really change their feelings towards the throne? Or will it just add more confusion to a brewing chaos that seems to benefit only Tetu and Zenti. It’ll be interesting to see if Shuri makes her return in the next issue. I think we might see her come back soon and take the thrown from her brother.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

DOCTOR STRANGE #11 - The New Face of Magic

Doctor Strange #11 – The New Face of Magic


Published September 7, 2016 by Marvel Comics. Written by Jason Aaron and illustrated by Kevin Nowlan/ Leonardo Romero.
Old enemies and new problems abound in the aftermath of the destruction of magic by the Imperator and Empirikuls.
Setting up the next chapter in the ongoing saga of Doctor Strange we witness a flashback to one of Strange’s attempts to cure his hands and ultimately leads him to the Ancient One. Back Alley drug deals never end good. But luckily the Ancient One is watching. Back in the now Stephen struggles with the state of magic in the world and the loss of all the ancient spells. Chondu offers some words of encouragement about rewriting the spells to control the newly regenerated magic.
In another flashback we learn about an important choice Strange made while training with the Ancient One. Offered to have his hands completely restored and leave his training or continue on with the Ancient One Doctor Strange’s decision to stay only made him one powerful enemy but humanities warrior against evil magic.
With the new face of magic and its threats against humanity Stephen must use different methods to combat the transgressors. Simple methods until new spells can be written. And an old enemy is back to confront Doctor Strange.   
The odyssey that has become Doctor Strange is really developing into a great series. I’m intrigued to see where the story will go next. While this take on Doctor Strange from Marvel doesn’t seem to follow what has been revealed by Marvel regarding the new movie out in November it is still enough to excite interest in the character and the mythos surrounding Strange. I think this has been so far a great analogy that science isn’t an end all solution and that it loses when it’s used for evil. Magic was threatened but like all living things will rebound after the threat is over. You could also draw the conclusion that while magic may have appeared the weaker against the Imperator and his science magic’s survival only illustrates that it was the stronger of the two.  

DETECTIVE COMICS #939 - Rise of the Batmen Pt. 6

Detective Comics #939 – Rise Of The Batmen Pt. 6

Published August 24, 2016 by DC Comics. Written by  James Tynion IV and illustrated by Eddy Barrows/Eber Ferreira.
In this new Batman comic the saga continues. And I spoke too soon thinking last issue ended the “Rise of the Batmen” story arc. In this next installment to the aforementioned story arc the Wayne/Kane family history is expounded on a little more. Which illustrates that everyone has family problems. The interesting twist here is the feelings and anger Jacob has towards Thomas Wayne about the night him and Martha were killed. The corollary being that in the present day Colonel Kane once again is at odds with both his daughter and his nephew.  
After clearing out the Colony from the Belfry there’s a lot of clean up to do but thankfully Tim had planned ahead for such a monumental task. Where does he find the time to fight crime and develop sophisticated Dirt Devil-like gadgets!?
The deepening rift between Kate and her father is only being made by the complexity of her teaming up with Batman. She learns Bruce had a strong suspicion her father was involved before he recruited her. Bruce kept this from her and Kate now feels disrespected by the lie and demands no more lies from Bruce. He agrees, however, I think there’s more that Bruce isn’t telling Kate so his agreement is another lie cause to not lie to Kate would me Kate would have charge over Bruce and we all know that isn’t going to happen. But only time will tell to exactly what else Bruce is lying about.
In the climax to this issue Tim has learned something disturbing about the clones the Colonel unleashes on Gotham to eradicate the mythical League of Shadows. Batman and the group know better and think the ones targeted are innocent of any wrong doing. Tim, in a self-less act, devises a plan to lure the coming drones away from their intended target. But at a high cost to the team and Batman.  


Monday, August 22, 2016

DETECTIVE COMICS #938 - Rise of the Batmen Pt. 5

Detective Comics #938 – Rise Of The Batmen Pt. 5











Published August 10, 2016 by DC Comics. Written by  James Tynion IV and illustrated by Alvaro Martinez/Raul Fernandez.

In part five of the Rise of the Batmen we learn a little more about past events that have had a hand in shaping the current relationship between Kate and her father. There was a time when she wanted to fight alongside him but now as an adult she questions his motives and ideology.

And inside the Colony lair it’s an all-out brawl between the newly rescued Batman and his group against the super soldiers of the Colony led by Colonel Kane and Ulysses Armstrong. The Colony learns that underestimating Orphan can be costly while Tim and Ulysses wage a blackhat war against each other.

Kate and her father continue butting heads as the Colonel attempts to lure her to his side but she refuses and stands by Batman. As the Colony closes in Tim unleashes another blackhat attack that gives the group just enough time to escape. However, the game has now changed as Ulysses unleashes his bat-eyes.

With the conclusion of “Rise of the Batmen” I’m interested to see how this story continues into the next arc. Batman’s comment to Colonel Kane as he escapes has me curious as to what he was referring to. Was he referring to the idea that the League of Shadows is real? Or was it a reference to something else? I’ll have to stay tuned to find out…

Sunday, August 14, 2016

DETECTIVE COMICS #937 - Rise of the Batmen Pt. 4

Detective Comics #937 – Rise Of The Batmen Pt. 4













Published July 27, 2016 by DC Comics. Written by  James Tynion IV and illustrated by Alvaro Martinez/Raul Fernandez.

Things are heating up as the conclusion to Rise of the Batmen is near. The utility belt is being analyzed as Batman is able to escape but doesn’t know where he is or what the Colony is really about.

Batman’s group manage to make it to some abandoned subway tunnels beneath Gotham where Tim’s been working on a way to beat Gotham’s rush hour traffic.

Back at the Colony Batman starts to learn what is really going on and how he’s been a part of this new organizations training and purpose. But the shocking surprise is yet to come as his uncle reveals more to the cause of the Batmen and the supposed coming threats to America and Gotham. But Bruce pushes back in a heated confrontation with the cornel.  Just as Batwoman and the group arrive Batwoman choses her side to begin the ending to “Rise of the Batmen”.

I’ve enjoyed the premise to this whole story arc. I like the clash of ideologies expressed between Bruce and his uncle. His uncle sees a future where one man can’t fight the good fight alone and thinks the US military with clones of Batman are the answer to protecting her shores. Batman sees the video of the Colony in action at hot spots around the world but still thinks the real threat is the League of Assassins and not the conspiracy group his uncle believes is. I’m anxious to see what comes of the Colony after all this is resolved. Do they remain a covert force in the military or does Batwoman somehow take command?   

BLACK PANTHER #5 - A Nation Under Our Feet Pt. 5


Black Panther #5 Brian Hildebrandt variant cover

Published August 10, 2016 by Marvel Comics. Written by Ta-Nehisi Coates and drawn by Chris Sprouse.

What are the depth to which T’Challa will go to curb the rebellion in Wakanda? The Black Panther enlists the help of the mutant Manifold in a raid on the People’s hideout in the Alkama Fields. In a bid to learn more about the People and the rebellion he has taken prisoners, who have bombs attached to their hearts, for questioning.

In a move that seems desperate T’Challa organizes a meeting of the security for ruthless, despotic nations in an attempt to learn how to best handle the rebellion destroying Wakanda. But the council of the wicked may prove more costly than the capital he is willing to pay.

Shuri continues her quest through the DJalia led by the Griot spirit resembling the Queen Mother. She learns of the parable of the Adowan people who would not be strong armed by strangers seeking the Adowan’s wealth. The strangers viewed the Adowans as weak but rich and when the strangers attempted to rob them they found the Adowans united against the usurpers. While Shuri scoffs at the Griot spirit’s story she is finally made aware that even though a nation may appear weak its true strength comes when it is united as one.

After his meeting with the council of the wicked, T’Challa turns his attention to one of the People he had captured. And eventually makes a pact with him. But what does T’Challa have in mind? And Tetu, Zenzi and Stane meet with Jorick Kroawl, Intelligence Directorate of Genosha, who offered T’Challa some very bad advice which was rejected. But the fires of rebellion are further stoked as a video of Kroawl’s advice is spread through Wakanda.

I still think the return of Shuri will be the key to Wakanda’s salvation and I’m starting to think it’ll cost T’Challa his spot on the throne. The pact T’Challa makes with Kwabena is still a mystery but I suspect he is to act as a spy for T’Challa and bring the rebellion under control.