Sunday, October 30, 2016

DETECTIVE COMICS #942 – Night of the Monster Men Pt. 6

Detective Comics #942 – Night of the Monster Men Pt. 6


Published October 12, 2016 by DC Comics. Written by Steve Orlando and illustrated by Andy Macdonald.

The exciting conclusion of “Night of the Monster Men” is here in Detective Comics #942. Batwoman, Nightwing, Spoiler and Orphan begin their attack on the giant monster at Sister Arcippe Cathedral while Batman pursues Hugo Strange to Anders Tower in lower Gotham.

After luring the monster to an attack point between four Gotham towers armed with heavy ammunition, the Arcippe Cathedral group begins their attack on one ugly and menacing monster.

Batman finally arrives to confront Strange at Anders Tower and learns of his plan to somehow replace Batman in Gotham with himself. Strange has donned a Batman suit that is rigged to kill him if Batman touches him.

The group continues their assault on the rampaging monster through Gotham while looking for a weakness. But Dick springs into action with a plan after thinking of all the elements Strange put into the monster. And back at Anders Towers Strange begins to needle Bruce about all his fallen partners which nearly brings Batman to exact his rage on Strange but falls short of killing the doctor.

But Clayface has arrived at Anders Towers and begins to encase the top floor with himself cutting off the oxygen inside which renders Strange nearly unconscious and Nightwing’s plan to ingest into the monster causes the monster to vomit which it releases the child within the monster and defeating it.

So this was the finale to Night of the Monster Men which strangely (no pun intended) did end in an interesting way. Again as with issue #941, this story does make you curious about the rest of the chapters. Especially how all the different villains mentioned and shown factor into the bigger story.

I do like this new group Batman has too. It seems instead of a “Robin” he now is working with a team which adds to the dynamics of the stories so far. I hope DC continues for a long time with this arrangement at least in Detective Comics.


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