Saturday, October 29, 2016

BLACK PANTHER #7 – A Nation Under Our Feet Pt. 7

Black Panther #7 – A Nation Under Our Feet Pt. 7

Published October 19, 2016 by Marvel Comics. Written by Ta-Nehisi Coates and drawn by Chris Sprouse/ Karl Story.

The arrival of the Crew sets off the rescue of T’Challa from Stane and the king is even to still help with his hands bound behind his back. Changamire begins to see the revolution of Tetu and Zenzi no different than that which they say they oppose. While T’Challa and the Crew out win the battle against Stane and the Fenris Twins.

Meanwhile in the Djalia Shuri recounts the story of Oronde and the fast cheetah that demanded him to race. While the cheetah defeated Oronde in their first race it was Oronde that eventually overcome the cheetah by declaring himself master over the cheetah. And so Shuri too gathers strength by empowerment in a new name.

Changamire returns to Tetu and Zenzi one last time seeking to resolve the path they have set themselves down. But when he refuses to see the revolution for its evil and not the glory of Wakanda’s ancestors Zenzi attacks him but Tetu has her release him and the two begin a possible plot to rid Wakanda of the royal family.

In this next chapter of “A Nation Under Our Feet” the Crew arrive to rescue T’Challa from his captor and another threat to the throne of Wakanda. With the arrival of the Crew to Wakanda a battle is beginning to shape up that may leave Wakanda in ruins. Tetu and Zenzi seem to be on a win at all costs rampage that implies the throne must fall even if it means destroying Wakanda. The latest episode of Shuri through the Djalia has her possibly preparing too for a confrontation with a foe that she must rule to conquer. Maybe the analogy of the story of Oronde is somehow tied to the anger and rage that has been fueled by Tetu and his revolution.

The story is starting to take off and seems to be headed into a direction that may reveal itself soon. The question remains for me though will this story resolve in one quick swoop or will it be drawn out over several issues? This issue also featured another hip-hop variant cover. I really liked this one even though I’m not too familiar with the hip-hop artist its paying homage to. This cover is inspired by King Mez and his album “Long Live the King”.

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