Thursday, July 3, 2008


This is a drawing I did at the Chicago Comic Con last weekend. I wish I had some Prismacolor markers. It might have sold...

The Joker

Tuesday, July 1, 2008







I thought I would take some advice and begin to use a blog as a means to display my artwork to the internet community. However, before I start I thought I would post a simple blog as an "ice breaker" if you will. This past weekend I worked my first comic book convention in artist alley. I tried to keep my expectations for this venture realistic. I more or less just wanted to see what I could learn from the experience for next time. I did get some ideas about what I would do different for the next con I attend and I did get some ideas about how I would improve on what I did for this one. So in all I would say it was successful on that front. I also managed to sell some art which is a nice feeling.

After returning from the convention I decided to start and read the new Batman arc which will cross over into many different titles. I have a subscription to Detective Comics. This is because I want to illustrate this book so I figured I need to really know what is going on in this title. I also began to wonder what I was going to do with all these issues of the other titles that I will eventually obtain. I really don't collect comics anymore, I mainly like to read them. Then I got the idea to donate them to the local Children's Hospital. So I've been scanning other issues I have of comics and once I'm done I'll take them to the hospital where some unfortunate kid may get some enjoyment from them.

I've also ordered Gary Martin's inking book. I can't wait to get this because there are some things I would like to improve on. I would like to improve my fine line technique. I'm not satified with how the ink flows off my nibs. I work them with sandpaper before I use them but I'm hoping the book has some tips on a better way to work the nib before you start using it. I would like to gain a better understanding on how to ink hair and facial features. These are two areas that I would like to get a more polished look from. Also I would like to get some ideas about doing different things with cast shadows and shading. I would really like to add more variety in the transition areas that go from black to white. Textures is another thing I would like to improve on. Here again more variety. I would also like to pick up some different brush techniques. I know there are some neat effects that can be obtained from the brush when it is used properly.

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That's about it for now. Here is Psylocke drawing to get me started...