Sunday, December 25, 2016

DEADPOOL Back in Black #5

Deadpool Back in Black #5

Published December 14, 2016 by Marvel Comics. Written by Cullen Bunn and drawn by Salvador Espin.

Issue #5 of Deadpool Back in Black is the exciting conclusion of the untold story of the Merc with the Mouth and Spider-man’s symbiote suit all taking place in the spectacularly excessive eighties!*

As the story begins we find Killer Thrill has her man, Spider-man that is and after a valiant fight by our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man she begins to use him to draw the Klyntar to her.

Has she bargained for more than she’s ready for? As the symbiote reacts to the anguish she puts Petey through it eventually finds her but her assistant, Guzz, delivers a sonic blast that separates Wade from the Klyntar and allow DP time to clear his head to deliver a KO to Guzz and rejoin the symbiote. Once reunited the symbiote sets its sights and tongue on Killer Thrill. And taking a piece of the bounty hunter with it.

After a devastating blow Killer Thrill calls off her quest to capture the Klyntar yet again but not before delivering a parting shot to Deadpool and the symbiote.

Now the symbiote sets its sights on the wounded Spidey and its desire for revenge. However, Deadpool can’t let that happen and forces the symbiote to separate from him once again. Free from the symbiote Deadpool is able to save webhead from the vengeful alien.

All bounty hunters have an employer and finally we learn who has hired Killer Thrill but they aren’t too happy about the failure of the mission. Killer Thrill however attempts to appease the situation by a Guzz offering.

Back on Earth we finally see the prior events of Eddie Brock’s fateful meeting with the symbiote and the birth of Venom…

This Deadpool blast from the past has been pretty fun. The artwork is great and all the eighties, Spider-man – symbiote spoofing has been a real joyride. Killer Thrill’s hijinks have been very entertaining and her love-hate relationship for Spider-Man really pulls at the heartstrings.   

*For those readers born during or after the eighties it was time of high adrenaline living to excess. – Joltn’ Jer  

DOCTOR STRANGE #15 – Blood in the Aether Pt. 4

Doctor Strange #15 – Blood in the Aether Pt. 4

Published December 21, 2016 by Marvel Comics. Written by Jason Aaron and illustrated by Chris Bachalo.

To get things going the good doctor is the passenger in a taxi driven by the Orb. And the car ride takes the two to a secluded spot where the two happen upon a group of disgruntled investors that are preparing to make the con man, Reggie, pay for his misdeeds. But the arrival of the cab spooks the group and Reggie would appear saved if it wasn’t for the Orb who collects on Reggie’s bad debts.

Wong and Zelma take to the skies of New York looking for Stephen while Stephen and the Orb hit the town and duke it out as the doctor tries to escape the bizarre cab ride only to be strapped to the hood of the ride.

Across town at a bar Mordo is feeling the anger of Dormammu as he has yet to locate Doctor Strange and to gain more power he is engaged in a bloodletting of the bar patrons while Dormammu possesses the entertainment.

And in wrapping this issue and still wrapped on Orb’s cab, Stephen is top on everyone’s kill list. For some unknown reason Orb has driven Strange to the alley where Mr. Misery now resides and Mordo arrives to be the one to destroy Doctor Strange but Orb is having none of it and blasts Mordo. In the sky Zelma and Wong make an attempt to attack the group of Strange’s foes but all Hell breaks loose as Dormammu arrives in classic Doctor Strange fashion to let everyone know he is going to punch Strange’s ticket.

I think if you’re a fan of the Doctor Strange from the golden age you’re going to like this issue’s ending. It’s a classic retro-style appearance of Dormammu in full splash page and pose. I personally really like the whole bizarre twist this series has taken, Mr. Misery is a great character with many interesting characteristics and the ending with a throwback style entry of Dormammu is great.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

DETECTIVE COMICS #945 – The Victim Syndicate Pt. 3

Detective Comics #945 – The Victim Syndicate Pt. 3

Published November 23, 2016 by DC Comics. Written by James Tynion IV and illustrated by Various artists

Beginning in the third part to “The Victim Sydicate”, Harper has notified Batman of the visit by Victim One with Stephanie. Yet Spoiler is not too cooperative with the Dark Knight and seems to be siding with the Sydicate’s view of Batman. This leads Batman to allow Dr. Thompkins to evaluate the group while he and Alfred try to piece the past together that will lead to the identity of the leader of the Victim Sydicate.

Back at the Belfry Batwing and Spoiler argue about Batman’s true intentions and Batwing provides the group with some tech to possibly prevent the powers of the Victim Syndicate affecting them.

Clayface recounts his encounter with Mudface before she was transformed which brings feelings of guilt and remorse to the misunderstood Clayface.

Batwing and Batwoman come to blows about Batwing’s own experience and dedication to a team effort. While at the Thompkins Free Clinic Jean-Paul and Harper discuss the distraught Spoiler when an announced visitor arrives. But Jean-Paul is ready to take up the sword and fend off the visitors.

More confrontation erupts between Spoiler and Batman while she’s being interviewed by Dr. Thompkins and afterwards a shocking return.

One thing I like about this issue is the cover seems to be a retro style cover with dialog related to the story in an attempt to sell it like they used to when comics were primarily sold on newsstands. The story is staying interesting with plenty of depth in characters. There’s still plenty of mystery and suspense as Batman is still trying to figure out the identity of the group leader and the ending has some great shock value to lead into the next issue.



Deadpool Back in Black #4

Published December 7, 2016 by Marvel Comics. Written by Cullen Bunn and drawn by Salvador Espin.

Who likes a hearty helping of berries and nuts? Wade keeps masquerading around New York as the black suited Spiderman and yet again attracts another of the webslinger’s foes. A violent and repulsive encounter with Kraven the Hunter starts the action off in this issue but the Klyntar saves the Merc and his foul mouth yet again. More fighting and some poison darts get the better of the two and begin a strange hallucinogenic trip through a mix of Wilson’s memories and the symbiote’s when it was with Spiderman.

Trippin’ on whatever Kraven puts in those darts Deadpool finds himself in the lion’s den at the zoo. And he isn’t greeted too warmly by his feline hosts. Ironically it’s the hunter who saves their hide this time. But the symbiote begins to show a darker and more twisted side of itself and fends off Kraven.
While sleeping off the last of the drugs in the poison darts and collecting bird droppings all over himself and his friendly suit the merc is once again being hunted by Killer Thrill but someone else has caught the assassin’s attention. And it all concludes in the next exciting issue!

Kraven the Hunter has always been a prideful character and while these Deadpool issues are a great parody of some of Marvel’s best villain the fun doesn’t stop just because the hunter shows up. The best part is probably the lion wrestling Kraven does and the fact that he gets the idea to change his M.O. to hunt Spiderman from the torqued alien suit that Spiderman bailed on is pretty comical. But the cliffhanger in this issue is great too as the final issue should be a McFarlanesque epic meeting and Parker must be a magnet for *redheads? We’ll see how this all plays out next issue.

*Mary Jane Watson is probably every 12 year old boy’s first choice for an ice cream social… – Joltn’ Jer


Friday, December 2, 2016

DETECTIVE COMICS #944 – The Victim Syndicate Pt. 2

Detective Comics #944 – The Victim Syndicate Pt. 2


Published November 9, 2016 by DC Comics. Written by James Tynion IV and illustrated by Eddy Barrows.

Harper’s curiosity gets the better of her while scoping out Luke Fox’s car and triggers his anti-theft drones. But the Victim Syndicate crashes the party and Batwoman needs everyone’s help on this one.

Batwing joins the action and Renee attempts to subdue the leader of the Victim Syndicate only to find bullets have no effect. But the leader only wants Batman. Once the fight starts Batman finds his punches have no effect on the tech the leader of the Victim Syndicate is using.

The Victim Syndicate’s leader begins to reveal the group’s connection to Batman as Spoiler falls victim to poison and Batman is rendered speechless. As the leader offers an ultimatum but Batwing disables the leader’s tech that was preventing Batman’s punches from making contact and he is able to land a solid blow to the leader’s jaw. The fighting resumes but comes to a stalemate as the Victim Syndicate retreat.

Later at the Belfry Batman, Batwing and Batwoman review the casefiles on the Victim Syndicate. Batman finally remembers each member and their story. And while recovering from her poisoning Stephanie is visited by the Victim Syndicate’s leader to end the issue.

This new villain group has me intrigued. So far it’s just a band of misfits who seem to think Batman is bad and they are good. However, each “victim” has a menacing power that often seems similar to other villains in the DCU. But that’s explained. I’m looking forward to how all this plays out.