Sunday, December 25, 2016

DEADPOOL Back in Black #5

Deadpool Back in Black #5

Published December 14, 2016 by Marvel Comics. Written by Cullen Bunn and drawn by Salvador Espin.

Issue #5 of Deadpool Back in Black is the exciting conclusion of the untold story of the Merc with the Mouth and Spider-man’s symbiote suit all taking place in the spectacularly excessive eighties!*

As the story begins we find Killer Thrill has her man, Spider-man that is and after a valiant fight by our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man she begins to use him to draw the Klyntar to her.

Has she bargained for more than she’s ready for? As the symbiote reacts to the anguish she puts Petey through it eventually finds her but her assistant, Guzz, delivers a sonic blast that separates Wade from the Klyntar and allow DP time to clear his head to deliver a KO to Guzz and rejoin the symbiote. Once reunited the symbiote sets its sights and tongue on Killer Thrill. And taking a piece of the bounty hunter with it.

After a devastating blow Killer Thrill calls off her quest to capture the Klyntar yet again but not before delivering a parting shot to Deadpool and the symbiote.

Now the symbiote sets its sights on the wounded Spidey and its desire for revenge. However, Deadpool can’t let that happen and forces the symbiote to separate from him once again. Free from the symbiote Deadpool is able to save webhead from the vengeful alien.

All bounty hunters have an employer and finally we learn who has hired Killer Thrill but they aren’t too happy about the failure of the mission. Killer Thrill however attempts to appease the situation by a Guzz offering.

Back on Earth we finally see the prior events of Eddie Brock’s fateful meeting with the symbiote and the birth of Venom…

This Deadpool blast from the past has been pretty fun. The artwork is great and all the eighties, Spider-man – symbiote spoofing has been a real joyride. Killer Thrill’s hijinks have been very entertaining and her love-hate relationship for Spider-Man really pulls at the heartstrings.   

*For those readers born during or after the eighties it was time of high adrenaline living to excess. – Joltn’ Jer  

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