Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Deadpool Back in Black #4

Published December 7, 2016 by Marvel Comics. Written by Cullen Bunn and drawn by Salvador Espin.

Who likes a hearty helping of berries and nuts? Wade keeps masquerading around New York as the black suited Spiderman and yet again attracts another of the webslinger’s foes. A violent and repulsive encounter with Kraven the Hunter starts the action off in this issue but the Klyntar saves the Merc and his foul mouth yet again. More fighting and some poison darts get the better of the two and begin a strange hallucinogenic trip through a mix of Wilson’s memories and the symbiote’s when it was with Spiderman.

Trippin’ on whatever Kraven puts in those darts Deadpool finds himself in the lion’s den at the zoo. And he isn’t greeted too warmly by his feline hosts. Ironically it’s the hunter who saves their hide this time. But the symbiote begins to show a darker and more twisted side of itself and fends off Kraven.
While sleeping off the last of the drugs in the poison darts and collecting bird droppings all over himself and his friendly suit the merc is once again being hunted by Killer Thrill but someone else has caught the assassin’s attention. And it all concludes in the next exciting issue!

Kraven the Hunter has always been a prideful character and while these Deadpool issues are a great parody of some of Marvel’s best villain the fun doesn’t stop just because the hunter shows up. The best part is probably the lion wrestling Kraven does and the fact that he gets the idea to change his M.O. to hunt Spiderman from the torqued alien suit that Spiderman bailed on is pretty comical. But the cliffhanger in this issue is great too as the final issue should be a McFarlanesque epic meeting and Parker must be a magnet for *redheads? We’ll see how this all plays out next issue.

*Mary Jane Watson is probably every 12 year old boy’s first choice for an ice cream social… – Joltn’ Jer


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