Sunday, December 25, 2016

DOCTOR STRANGE #15 – Blood in the Aether Pt. 4

Doctor Strange #15 – Blood in the Aether Pt. 4

Published December 21, 2016 by Marvel Comics. Written by Jason Aaron and illustrated by Chris Bachalo.

To get things going the good doctor is the passenger in a taxi driven by the Orb. And the car ride takes the two to a secluded spot where the two happen upon a group of disgruntled investors that are preparing to make the con man, Reggie, pay for his misdeeds. But the arrival of the cab spooks the group and Reggie would appear saved if it wasn’t for the Orb who collects on Reggie’s bad debts.

Wong and Zelma take to the skies of New York looking for Stephen while Stephen and the Orb hit the town and duke it out as the doctor tries to escape the bizarre cab ride only to be strapped to the hood of the ride.

Across town at a bar Mordo is feeling the anger of Dormammu as he has yet to locate Doctor Strange and to gain more power he is engaged in a bloodletting of the bar patrons while Dormammu possesses the entertainment.

And in wrapping this issue and still wrapped on Orb’s cab, Stephen is top on everyone’s kill list. For some unknown reason Orb has driven Strange to the alley where Mr. Misery now resides and Mordo arrives to be the one to destroy Doctor Strange but Orb is having none of it and blasts Mordo. In the sky Zelma and Wong make an attempt to attack the group of Strange’s foes but all Hell breaks loose as Dormammu arrives in classic Doctor Strange fashion to let everyone know he is going to punch Strange’s ticket.

I think if you’re a fan of the Doctor Strange from the golden age you’re going to like this issue’s ending. It’s a classic retro-style appearance of Dormammu in full splash page and pose. I personally really like the whole bizarre twist this series has taken, Mr. Misery is a great character with many interesting characteristics and the ending with a throwback style entry of Dormammu is great.

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