Wednesday, December 14, 2016

DETECTIVE COMICS #945 – The Victim Syndicate Pt. 3

Detective Comics #945 – The Victim Syndicate Pt. 3

Published November 23, 2016 by DC Comics. Written by James Tynion IV and illustrated by Various artists

Beginning in the third part to “The Victim Sydicate”, Harper has notified Batman of the visit by Victim One with Stephanie. Yet Spoiler is not too cooperative with the Dark Knight and seems to be siding with the Sydicate’s view of Batman. This leads Batman to allow Dr. Thompkins to evaluate the group while he and Alfred try to piece the past together that will lead to the identity of the leader of the Victim Sydicate.

Back at the Belfry Batwing and Spoiler argue about Batman’s true intentions and Batwing provides the group with some tech to possibly prevent the powers of the Victim Syndicate affecting them.

Clayface recounts his encounter with Mudface before she was transformed which brings feelings of guilt and remorse to the misunderstood Clayface.

Batwing and Batwoman come to blows about Batwing’s own experience and dedication to a team effort. While at the Thompkins Free Clinic Jean-Paul and Harper discuss the distraught Spoiler when an announced visitor arrives. But Jean-Paul is ready to take up the sword and fend off the visitors.

More confrontation erupts between Spoiler and Batman while she’s being interviewed by Dr. Thompkins and afterwards a shocking return.

One thing I like about this issue is the cover seems to be a retro style cover with dialog related to the story in an attempt to sell it like they used to when comics were primarily sold on newsstands. The story is staying interesting with plenty of depth in characters. There’s still plenty of mystery and suspense as Batman is still trying to figure out the identity of the group leader and the ending has some great shock value to lead into the next issue.


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