Saturday, October 8, 2016

DOCTOR STRANGE #12 - Blood in the Aether Pt. 1

Doctor Strange #12 – Blood in the Aether Part 1

Published October 5, 2016 by Marvel Comics. Written by Jason Aaron and illustrated by Chris Bachalo.

His name is Strange. Doctor Stephen Strange. And his misery is named Misery. Mister Misery. The pain Stephen Strange kept in the cellar has given it’s self a name and it calls itself Mister Misery. Opening the new story arc we find the pain Stephen and Wong bound up terrorizing a hospital ward thirsty for more pain. Luckily, Strange arrives in time to gum up Mister Misery’s wreak of havoc on the hospital but trying to hail a cab with a glowing sword can be challenging.

Later he learns of Mordo’s return and some how Mordo is able to still use magic. Mordo is now a servant of the Dormammu of the Dark Dimension and the source of Mordo’s magic. When Stephen and Mordo finally meet it’s an apple in the eye that the doctor uses to escape the stronger magic of Mordo. But where Strange ends up is at the whim of Nightmare.

A new story arc begins in Doctor Strange #12 and Chris Bachalo returns to bring the pictures. The Doctor Strange series is definitely keeping my attention. The writing has a tinge of humor and satire at times that make it interesting and the way the magically world of Doctor Strange is presented is intriguing. Bachalo’s Dormammu and Nightmare are ace. Mister Misery is going to make a great side story to come I’m sure. I like the character and the way it seems to help and also hinder Stephen at times is truly entertaining. One of the aspects of Mister Misery is the dialog he engages in with Strange. It’s dark and eerie at times. It’s unsettling and keeps you off your center while you try to digest his meaning. It’s great.

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