Sunday, October 30, 2016

DETECTIVE COMICS #941 – Night of the Monster Men Pt. 3

Detective Comics #941 – Night of the Monster Men Pt. 3

Published September 28, 2016 by DC Comics. Written by Steve Orlando and illustrated by Andy Macdonald.

Thrust right into the action Batwoman and Batman are confronting a giant three-headed monster tearing up the Burnley District of Gotham. While Spoiler and Orphan try to tame an unruly group of evacuees and Alfred is analyzing the monster’s make-up in the Batcave. Clayface is formed into a police officer helping with getting people to a safer place. And a new hero, Gotham Girl, is recovering from Psycho Pirate’s fear attack while she tries to help too. The evacuees erupt in violence as one pushes a kid and it becomes too much for Spoiler and Orphan to handle.

Nightwing and Gotham Girl arrive at Blackgate Penitentiary to fight more monsters that seem to be plaguing all of Gotham. Back at the Burnley District Batman and Batwoman battle the monster but it seems to get stronger with each attack.

A strange sludge on the evacuees seems to be fueling their violence while Spoiler and Orphan contain them in a cave with an expanding net.

After finally battling through monsters of their own at Blackgate Nightwing and Gotham Girl confront the monster queen creating all the other monsters. However, after they make contact with its sludge they too are transformed into monsters.

This issue was a crossover into a bigger story taking place all over Gotham. The art was exciting and fun to look at and while the reader is plunged into the middle of the overall story it was still easy to pick up on the basic premise and follow the action, which there was plenty of. The writing was done in a very crafty way so as to entice the reader to seek out the other comics to get the full story. Eventually I may get the whole “Night of the Monster Men” story arc.

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