Friday, September 30, 2016


Doctor Strange Annual #1 – “To Get Her. Forever” & “Strange Tales: Yao, The Not-Quite-Ancient One”














Published September 28, 2016 by Marvel Comics. To Get Her. Forever written by Kathryn Immonen and illustrated by Leonardo Romero. Strange Tales: Yao, The Not-Quite-Ancient One written by Robbie Thompson and illustrated by Jonathan Marks Barravecchia.

 With magic and Stephen still on the mend, Strange is visited by Clea. Clea returns to Stephen’s life to bring closure to their past relationship. However, Stephen questions Clea’s commitment to magic and her whereabouts during the battle with the Imperator and the Empirikul. But little does Strange know that Clea had to deal with the Empirikul as well.

The reunion is interrupted as a floor repair takes a magical turn for the worse and both must battle a demonized repairman whom Wong caught stealing to settle the repair bill. Zelma calls Strange out for objectifying Clea and maybe eluding that was a problem with their relationship.

In the second story to this first annual is the tale of the Ancient One as a young magician. After being shown the ways of magic by his mentor, Kaluu, Yao attempt to steal a map that will lead him to greater magic. But after he is caught he faces certain doom and is rescued. His rescuer is a formidable magic user in his own right.

Two great stories make up the first Doctor Strange Annual. The first brings Clea into the picture so it’ll be interesting to see where this goes. Zelma may be the one to mend their relationship woes. And the second story featuring the young Ancient One is interesting too. I really enjoyed the art for it and the big reveal at the end almost has me curious enough to pick up Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme #1.  

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