Sunday, September 18, 2016

BLACK PANTHER #6 - A Nation Under Our Feet Pt. 6

Black Panther #6 September 2016


 Published September 14, 2016 by Marvel Comics. Written by Ta-Nehisi Coates and drawn by Chris Sprouse.

The drama continues in Wakanda after Ramonda is injured by a suicide bomber’s attack and Shuri continues her quest through Djalia with the Griot imagined as Ramonda. T’Challa captures several of Tetu’s rebels that have bio bombs implanted in their chests and strikes a deal with one. Ezekiel Stane and Tetu release a video made of a meeting between T’Challa and a counter-terrorism council in which they recommended a most cruel way to deal with the uprisings plaguing Wakanda.

T’Challa and Hodari differ on their own interpretation of the meaning of Changamire’s message. While Akili feels T’Challa’s views are sympathetic to the anarchy of the rebel’s aims. But T’Challa reassures him he still has a few cards to play and orders an attack on the Jabari-lands.

During the attack the Dora Milaje seem to have the upper hand till the magic of Zenzi causes them to break down and be easily captured. While T’Challa and Tony Stark discuss the origins of the bio-bombs and the arrogance behind the bomb maker’s purpose.

Shuri’s travels through the Djalia bring her to the story of the slave girl bride and learns that a woman can never be made fully into a slave. The Griot then leaves Shuri in the Djalia to ponder this lesson.

In another attack on the Base of the People T’Challa is captured and bound in chains by Stane. Afterwards Stane contacts Hodari and Akili to let them know he has the Black Panther and that the Fenris Twins are involved as well. But Hodari has a plan to show Wakandans who is really behind the revolution and they call in some help to assist with the saving Wakanda.

In part six of “A Nation Under Our Feet” the big reveal has to be the Stane connection to the revolution. But will showing the video of Stane to the Wakandans really change their feelings towards the throne? Or will it just add more confusion to a brewing chaos that seems to benefit only Tetu and Zenti. It’ll be interesting to see if Shuri makes her return in the next issue. I think we might see her come back soon and take the thrown from her brother.

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