Friday, February 24, 2017

DETECTIVE COMICS #951 - League of Shadows Pt. 1

DETECTIVE COMICS #951 - League of Shadows Pt. 1

Published February 22, 2017 by DC Comics. Written by James Tynion IV and illustrated by Christian Duce.

The Colony has sought out Lady Shiva only to find misery and death. League of Shadows begins now in issue #951. Lady Shiva thinking the Colony is a way into Gotham soon learns the Colony has been outcast from Gotham with Batman capturing the Colonel. Shiva quickly loses interest in using the Colony and just as fast disposes of her captive.

Training in the mud room proves both creative and entertaining. Kung Fu fighting Penguins makes for a fun and entertaining training session for Orphan. While Batwoman facetiously questions the reality of the mud room scenario. And after training a night out to the ballet is planned for Cassandra.
Batman decides to visit his new ally Mayor Hady. But the Mayor’s place seems in disarray and once Batman finds the mayor it isn’t a pleasant sight. And as quickly as Batman learns the attacker’s identity the police arrive and misread the scene thinking Batman was the attacker.

Questioning the Colonel about the attackers leads Batman and Batwoman down a rabbit hole or is it? The Colonel and Batman continue to clash in ideologies while Kate is shaken by his revelations regarding the new threat.

On the five O’ Clock news it’s all sunny, happy smiles but with a deadly twist. And Adams Square is full of laughing, violent jokers. But the laughs soon stop and the look in the crowd’s eyes becomes more sinister as Batman and the group seek to subdue the crowd.

The new story arc and the continuing one of the Colony is making this another great story to follow. What is Lady Shiva’s game? And was the poisoned crowd another diversion from the real villain? Maybe there’s some truth to the Colonel’s belief about the existence of the League of Shadows…

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