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DETECTIVE COMICS #946 – The Victim Syndicate Pt. 4

DETECTIVE COMICS #946 – The Victim Syndicate Pt. 4

Published December 14, 2016 by DC Comics. Written by James Tynion IV and illustrated by Eddy Barrows and Eber Ferreira.

In a flashback sequence Tim and Bruce discuss the big picture in regards to the new team he’s putting together and what the Dark Knight has planned for the future of Gotham and his role in defending the city. Tim offered his un-wavering support for whatever Batman has planned.

In the present Batman arrives at the Thompkins Free Clinic to assist Azrael with dealing with the Victim Syndicate who have decided to try and draw Batman into a confrontation.

Still grappling with the supposed loss of Tim Stephanie tries to find solace in a hologram of Red Robin created by Tim. However, at the moment of truth she is drawn back to reality that this is not the real Tim and still needs closure from his loss.

The other members of the team confront the Victim Syndicate one on one with Clayface dealing with Glory and bringing her back to her normal self while Batwoman confronts Madame Crow but Mr. Noxious arrives and adds to her troubles. Batwing’s nano-tech defeats Noxious and his assault on Kate as Kate is gracious for the assist from Batwing.

As Harper is assisting an elderly woman to safety Mute makes an entrance only to be brought to his knees by Orphan playing his wife’s last message to him before she was killed by the Joker.
And in a prelude to the conclusion of the Victim Syndicates reign of terror on the Thompkins Clinic First Victim is still trying to draw the Dark Knight into causing him pain in sick, sadistic plot to try and attack Batman through his noble sense of justice. But before the action is over Spoiler arrives and sets the stage for the finale to the Victim Syndicate.

There’s a lot of group dynamics going on in this storyline by Tynion. I like the Victim Syndicate and this angle they have trying to attack Batman through his sense of justice and all around good he feels he is doing. However, each has a grief that they blame him for. The ending to this issue also portrays Spoiler as a victim of Batman and his crusade. There’s definitely an analogy at work with her loss of Tim and how she’s been blaming Batman for it. Maybe she is a metaphor for the “Last Victim”?

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