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DETECTIVE COMICS #949 - Batwoman Begins Pt. 2

DETECTIVE COMICS #949 - Batwoman Begins Pt. 2

Published January 17, 2017 by DC Comics. Written by James Tynion IV and Marguerite Bennett  illustrated by Ben Oliver.

Beginning in the conclusion to Batwoman Begins Kate and her father are seen discussing footage of Batman in action. Kate is intrigued by his fighting style and the many forms apparent in it. She is not alone as the man himself arrives out of the shadows and begins a confrontation in which Kate draws a gun on the Caped Crusader only to have her 2nd Amendment rights revoked ala weapon disassembly.
Meanwhile at the Colony the Colonel and one of his soldiers debate whether Kate has the heart and discipline for the Colony.

Back in the present Batman squares off against the Colony’s thief who stole the Monster Venom and has overridden the Belfry to target the Dark Knight. Then Batwoman joins the melee and exposes Simon as the Colony agent. The arrogance and insecurities he has about Kate and her abilities only add to the humiliation she puts him through.

As Simon continues his quest to free Colonel Kane he has yet another confrontation with Batman or is it? Simon thinking he is about to free the Colonel is confronted yet again by the fearless Batwoman.  Batwoman unrelenting bests Simon once more only this time she reveals what’s really going on and how he has fallen prey to a cleverly designed trap. But in a last ditch effort to escape Batman and Batwoman Simon injects himself with the Monster Venom for a very dramatic escape.
After the escape of Simon Batwoman recalls a time in the past when she first realized that Batman was her cousin Bruce Wayne and she then fully understood what drove the World’s Greatest Detective. Her father feared that getting too close to his mission would destroy her but she didn’t share that fear.

Back at the Colonel’s cell Kate and her father discuss the changing world and what the impact Monster Venom will have on a coming war. He agrees to let her in on the many organizations that are seeking new bioweapons for this coming conflict.

I’m really starting to become a fan of Batwoman. First I like her edgy attitude and drive. The costume is great and in these last two issues I’ve really enjoyed Ben Oliver’s art. I’m further interested in these new organizations and this coming war they are preparing to fight. Could “The Many Arms of Death” be one on the way? 

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