Saturday, November 26, 2016


Deadpool Back in Black #3


Published November 9, 2016 by Marvel Comics. Written by Cullen Bunn and drawn by Salvador Espin.

Our hero with great fashion sense finds himself in some eighties style girl trouble in Deadpool Back in Black #3. The Merc with a Mouth first finds himself mistaken for Parker by Black Cat who just wants to purr up and rekindle their magic but then out of nowhere pops up the most heinous villain of them all. A wicked bunny-girl complete with eighties retro-goons and yes, bunnies! Maybe she should be in the Bat-universe? But if Bunny Woman with killer rabbits wasn’t enough headache there’s still Killer Thrill who just loves his new suit to death. Literally. But Wade manages somehow to survive all the mayhem of this issue but unfortunately for Bunny Woman her bunnies won’t be around for Easter. And Wade can’t take advantage of Black Cat just getting it all wrong.  

This issue will probably be my favorite out of all five. Bunny Woman is too much! The whole Monty Python Search of the Holy Grail killer bunny theme was great. But there was no running away except by Bunny Girl. And the real money shot was Killer Thrill taking the bunnies out. However, if there’s a moral to this story it’s probably don’t underestimate a ginger with disease ridden rabbits…











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